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About BlastFi

At BlastFi, we’re committed to unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology, providing a platform for visionary developers and investors to collaborate and propel the blast chain forward.

User Dashboard

A central profile section for users to access all platform features, including balance checks, profile customization, and inviting new users through coupons.

NFT Viewer and Leaderboard

Integration of an NFT viewer within the dashboard, and a leaderboard consisting of 2 components, score from staking/locking + bonus score from events (like weekly check-in, booster events, etc)

native YIELD staking

Get ready for a game-changing opportunity with YIELD staking, launching soon! Lock your ETH for a year and dive into a “low-volatility” adventure, where your stake’s value transforms into a powerful score, matched dollar for dollar in BLASTFI. With a 2x score multiplier, we’re channeling all returns into a strategic buyback and burn of BLASTFI.

Weekly Bonus Program

A retention strategy where users can claim a set amount of tokens weekly for active participation. The grant size increases with the number of users invited to the platform.